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The company

CONVERS CAPITAL offers traditional insurance brokerage services as its core activity.  CONVERS CAPITAL is a consistently growth-oriented company that serves several thousand private and business customers in Germany.

CONVERS REAL ESTATE SERVICES is a real estate brokerage firm active throughout Europe with an excellent network of private and commercial property owners and investors, both in Germany and abroad. It has handled real estate transactions valued in the hundreds of millions, directly or through its partners, since 2006. Physical proximity to the active local and foreign market players as well as trust, discretion, reliability, sustainability and transparency combined with a professional partner network are the key factors in our business success.

CONVERS REAL ESTATE SERVICES relies on a professional partner network, whether in Germany or abroad, that provides investors with professional assistance in preparing properties for sale, purchase inspections and purchase decisions.


CONVERS REAL ESTATE SERVICES has the specific expertise to determine the selling price of your property over the long term and exploit it successfully on the market.

CONVERS REAL ESTATE SERVICES has leveraged the financial crisis in order to become a reliable regional partner and successful service provider for banks and trusteeships, as well as a solutions provider for private and commercial property owners carrying non-performing property loans. Our services range from re-evaluation of the loan conditions and refinancing to off-market property sales with the objective of discharging residual debt.

CONVERS Real Estate Services offers the following comprehensive range of services:

  • Sale of privately owned flats, with our without occupants, single-family detached and semi-detached houses, urban villas, tenement buildings and blocks of flats to investors and private individuals.
  • Sale of global properties and residential property portfolios; sale of undeveloped properties; residential and commercial/hotel real estate projects; sale of hotels, commercial properties and shopping centres.
  • Renting and leasing of residential properties and commercial spaces.
  • Preparation of multi-unit buildings for sale.
  • Professional real estate financing procurement.
  • Sale of Spanish vacation properties – specialised in Andalusia.
  • Sale of business hotels in Spain.
  • Regional contact for foreign investors searching for real estate investments – we are fluent in English and Spanish.
  • New: We are your specialist and intermediary for the sale of non-performing properties of all kinds – from off-market sales to public auctions!